Support Services

For your Exports

This section provides links to companies that provide supporting services to exporters.

Advertising & Marketing Services

International Banks and Finance

Rating Agencies

Links to the major Advertising & Marketing Agencies as well as to search agencies for smaller agencies.

Looking for support that your house bank does not provide?

To check if a potential or current partner’s credit rating, these may be able to help.

Debt Collection

Legal & Accounting Firms

Supply Chain Solutions

If you have problems collecting trade debts, these agencies may be able to help you.

If you need assistance with your international business that your in-house lawyers or accountants cannot – then see if you can find a solution here.

If you need a software solution to manage your supply chain, then you may find a solution here.

Export Readiness Assessment


Trade Finance Sources

ERA provides an immediate assessment of the organisational readiness of an SME to exploit export opportunities identifying any weak points.

The major logistics & courier companies, associations of logistic companies and sites where you can request for a competitive quote.

The natural source of trade finance is your house bank. However, these resources may provide you with an interesting alternative.

FX Services

Quality Control & Certification

Translation Services

These are services which can reduce the costs of your Foreign Exchange.

If you want to request or provide a quality from certificate trusted third party, then the major international certifying companies are listed here.

If you are involved in exporting, then at some stage translation services will be required. The organisations listed below offer online translation services that may satisfy your requirements.


Shipping and credit risks, amongst others, require insurance.