New Channels

eCommerce provides you with the opportunity to export without setting foot outside of your own country.

In this Section, we list and set out resources for you:

1. To assess and monitor the effectiveness of your web site

2. Which outline the various issues that need to be addressed when considering eCommerce

3. To review online sales channels that are open to you

4. To review the various online resources that are available to you

eCommerce -
A Guide

This guide is intended as a very basic introduction for the layman to eCommerce

Readiness Assessment

This questionnarie follows on the themes set out in The Exporters Almanac's

Web Site Audit &

Check whether your web site conforms to Google's Best Practices

Services & Tools:

Advertising & Marketing

Digital Glossary

eSignature Solutions

Specialised assistance for your Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing strategy and implementation.

A comprehensive Glossary of eCommerce terms and acronyms.

The use of eSignatures can reduce legal uncertainties as to the validity of electronic documents.

Cloud Services

eCommerce Platforms

Free Online Support Tools & Guides

A number of options for using the Cloud for your data storage and back-up.

If you are thinking of adding sales facilities to your web site, here are a number of providers of eCommerce Platforms.

There is a great deal of online support for your Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing and Site Monitoring activities that can be sourced free of charge.


eInvoice & ePayment Solutions

Online Tools - Commercial

Various services to improve your CyberSecurity profile – from anti-virus and malware software, through the provision of Security Certificates to more bespoke physical and online services and training.

Providers of eInvoice solutions (which go well beyond the pdf conversions of paper invoices) and ePayment Services.

These online services provide subscription based tools for assisting your Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing efforts.