Reference Resources

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This section provides information and links to reference resources that you may find useful in supporting your export activities.

Business Reference Resources:

Blacklists & Embargoes

Legal & Accounting Resources

Stock Exchanges Associations

Check whether a potential partner is subject to any such order. If in doubt you should seek legal advice.

Sources of legal and accounting information.

A list of the international Stock Exchange Associations.

Chambers of Commerce



Chambers of Commerce and associations which have a global or regional coverage.

Various business lobbies active in promoting trade related issues.

Various international tax related resources.

Customs & Non-Tariff Barriers

Multinational Financial & Economic Organisations

Trade Events

The key international organizations and commercial service providers providing detailed information services.

These institutions offer both an indication of projects that can be open to exporters as well as sources of funding for large scale projects.

Information about events around the world.

International Professional, Trade & Sector Associations

Regional Trade Agreements & Organisations

Yellow Pages

Links to a variety of international trade associations.

Links to the world’s regional trade agreements organisations.

Providing global coverage.

General Reference Resources:

Bank, Corporate, Industry & Product Codes


Standards Bodies

Used for: Industry Payments, Product & Tax reference

Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Conversion Tables, Maps, Thesaurus, World Holidays & Weather.

International bodies which issue standards affecting exports.

Country, Location & Currency Codes

News Resources

Time Zones

ISO, IATA and UN Codes

Global and regional news coverage.

Check the time anywhere in the world.

Economic & Financial Data



These organisations offer a wealth of economic and financial data.

The international standards used in packaging.

Resources to help you organise and reduce your travelling costs.


Payment Channels & Mechanisms

UN Specialised Agencies

2 comprehensive Glossaries covering eCommerce and Trade & Trade Finance.

Sets out the different options you have for making and receiving payments.

The UN and its specialized agencies offer a wealth of information and services impacting foreign trade.

International Political Organisations

Public Holidays

These organizations are also supporters of various procurement and infrastructure initiatives.

Check for public holidays worldwide.