Official Name: The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Sovereign Status: Sovereign Country
Government Type: Presidential Republic
Official Name (Local Language): Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza'iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha'biyah
ISO Country Codes: DZ : DZA
Internet Domain: .dz
Government Web Site:
Capital: Algiers Main Airports: Houari Boumediene Airport
Language(s): Arabic Population: 43,576,691
Currency: Algerian Dinar ISO Currency Code: DZD
Telephone Dial In: +213 ID Prefix: 00

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Central Bank: Banque d'Algérie
Currency USD Exchange Rate: 131.085 Algerian dinars (DZD) per US dollar (2020 est.)
Unemployment Rate: 11.7% (2017 est.)
Population below poverty line: 23% (2006 est.)
Inflation Rate: 1.9% (2019 est.)
Prime Lending Rate: 8% (2019 - World Bank)
GDP: $169.912 billion (2019 est.)
GDP Pro Capita (PPP): $11,511 (2019 est.)
Currency Name: Algerian Dinar
Currency Code: DZD
World Bank Classification: Upper Middle Income

GDP Composition:

Agriculture: 13.2% wheat, barley, oats, grapes, olives, citrus, fruits; sheep, cattle
Industry: 38.4% petroleum, natural gas, light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical, food processing
Services: 48.4%

Source: Central Intelligence Agency Factbook

Financial Exchanges:
Stock & Securities Exchange: Bourse d'Alger ;

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Subject to Country Specific Sanctions? NO

The World Bank’s World Integrated Trade Solution

Business Language(s): Arabic; French
Customs & Excise: La Douane Algérienne
Development Bank(s): African Development Bank; Islamic Development Bank;
National Standards Bureau: Institut Algérien de Normalisation
Competitive Ind’l Performance: 157/190 (2019) Corruption Perceptions Index: 104/180 (2020)
Ease of Doing Business: 157/190 Enabling Trade Index: 121/136 (2016)
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