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A single concurrent user subscription provides a username and login that can be used by anyone in your organisation – but only one user can enter the subscription-only area at any given time.

Subscription gives you full access to all the free sections of the Exporters Almanac plus:

Country Profiles
Trade and Commercial Contacts.
Industry Profiles
Business Networks & Online Market Places and Industry Directories.
Market Search
Access the Kompass Directory of 11 million companies; Analyse, Develop and Open New Markets.
Service Basic - Free Access Subscription Euro 99.00 p.a.
Country Profiles: Base, General, Economic & Trade yes yes
Country Profiles: Commercial Contacts no yes
Industry Profiles: International Trade & Standards, News & Events yes yes
Industry Profiles: Business Networks & Online Markets Industry Directories no yes
eCommerce yes yes
Support Services yes yes
Reference Resources yes yes
Market Search no yes